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Sympathy Notes

Sympathy Notes

How to write Sympathy Notes

Many of us struggle to put pen to paper and know the “right words” to write when sending a sympathy card or note.
Why do we send Sympathy Notes? It is to essentially express that your thoughts are with the grieving and to show them through the expression of writing that you care. Words will not bring back that which has been taken. Written words of Sympathy are not about making things better. Writing a sympathy note is about letting the grieving know that you are here for them, that you love them and that you care for them.

Some pointers on writing a sympathy card or note:

The “do nots” to sympathy notes

• Avoid the clichés like, “I understand”, “they are in a better place”, “just call me if you need me”, “I know how you feel”
• Do not try to explain the loss
• Do not compare your loss to theirs

How to write a sympathy note

• Use nice stationary or card
• Keep it simple – people do not expect anything profound
• Keep it brief
• Be honest
• Use plain language
• Begin by expressing your sadness for their loss
• Share a memory
• If you have the same beliefs share a small quote from the bible, a poem or a verse.
• Let them know you are thinking of them

Example of Sympathy Note

Dear Christine,
I am so sad to hear of Bill’s passing. He was such a wonderful and caring man. I remember the first time I met Bill at Rob’s 40th. I did not know anyone there but Bill took the time to make me feel welcome and accepted. I really appreciated that about him.
Your family is so precious. Your children and grandchildren are such a blessing. May Bill’s legacy and his memory bring you comfort.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and with your family. I will pop in to catch up when your family have flown back home. Take care my friend.
Sending you my love.

Other helpful examples

• Our hearts are with you in your time of sorrow
• May the love of those around you bring you comfort
• Sending my deepest sympathy to you at this time
• Please accept my heartfelt condolences
• Words are really not adequate but just know that we love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers

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