Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Maree’s Story

Maree's Story

Maree’s Story Maree’s Story A formal “stiff upper lip affair” was just not our grandma’s style. She was such a vibrant and out there lady. Even in her late 80’s she was a trend setter with her loud hair, bright clothing and bling. Grandma’s handbag and shoe collection was coveted by many. This is our […]

Colin’s Story

Collin's Story

Colin’s Story Colin’s Story – My brother Colin had been in nursing home care for the past ten years. Colin never married and I was his only surviving relative. So, it broke my heart to have to put him into care because I loved him deeply but it was the best place for him. Surprisingly, Colin settled in […]

Percy’s Story

Percy's Story

Percy’s Story. Our Pop Percy was a simple man and not one for formal occasions. He didn’t like big crowds and definitely hated being the centre of attention. He loved his bush block and spent nearly every weekend out there. When he passed we knew he would not want every “Tom, Dick and Harry” coming […]

Simone’s Story

Simone's Story

Simone’s Story. Our sister Simone loved to travel. She was away more than at home. She was the “free spirit” of the family. The rest of us had settled down, got married, had children, but not our Simone. The kids adored her as she was always coming back bearing gifts from some distant place on […]

Lynne’s Story

Lynne's Story

Lynne’s Story. Our mum was a fighter. Mum fought that evil disease cancer for the past 10 years until she finally said to us “Enough”. She was tired of fighting and she was ready to go. Mum wanted to die at home amongst all things familiar – her family, her friends, her little dog and her […]

David’s Story

David's Story

David’s Story. Losing the love of your life affects you so deeply. David and I had been together for nearly sixteen years. He was my rock. When he died of a heart attack so suddenly, I just didn’t know where to turn. Thank goodness the lovely social worker at the hospital gave me the phone […]

Memorial Garden

Creating a Memorial Garden Creating a Memorial Garden is a treasured way of honouring the life of a loved one who has passed. It is a thoughtful tribute for the person you wish to remember. A Memorial Garden provides a quiet space of contemplation – a place of remembering. The memory of the person lives […]


My Story The Funeral Director Funeral Director It is common practise as a funeral director, to visit the family to make arrangements in the family home. This is where I am able to connect with the family of the person who has died, usually over a cup of tea. It’s seems that a cup of […]