Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Rainforest Gardens Funeral Service Venue

This is such a befitting venue to hold a truly life honouring service for your loved one.  Why don’t you book this charming outdoor venue, rather than using a traditional funeral chapel?


This charming garden setting is located in the beautifully presented rainforest venue on Mt View Rd, Mt Cotton. This is an ideal setting to celebrate the life of your loved one. 


You may choose to hire your own catering or we are available to organise caterers for you.


To book this venue, simply contact us at Swanborough Funerals on 1800 100 411 for Rainforest Gardens funeral service bookings.

Peaceful & Tranquil

We love this venue as it has stunning scenery and views sweeping the coastline of Moreton Bay. Furthermore, this provides a peaceful and tranquil place to say your farewells. Part of our service to you is to ensure we source venues that go above and beyond your expectations.

And we believe that this Rainforest Gardens Funeral Service Venue does just that, being framed by century-old trees, lush manicured gardens, exotic flora, and fauna. You can be assured if your loved one enjoyed the outdoors, was an avid gardener, or just loved to be around nature, then this is the perfect setting to remember them by.

Surprisingly, this secluded place is just 40 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and 45 minutes from the Gold Coast, located on the bayside in Redlands.

This Rainforest Gardens setting at Mt Cotton is a picture-perfect and private sub-tropical funeral venue and we believe this is the perfect venue for you to hold a Garden or Outdoor Funeral.

Rainforest Gardens Funeral Service
Green Burial Natural Funeral Care

Funeral Settings

There are a number of areas to hold the funeral service.

The Chapel is pleasantly appointed overlooking the lake and also with views of Moreton Bay. Quite often our families use this for refreshments also.

Alternatively, the undercover area by the Funeral Chapel is available and we can easily set up a TV screen here also to view a slideshow or pictorial journey of your loved one’s life.

And then you have the amphitheater, which is located by the lake. There are also other smaller areas around this property to hold a service for your loved one.

Twilight Dusk Funeral Services

Rather than booking this venue for daytime, why not book the evening? This funeral chapel and surrounding pathways are lit to provide a peaceful and ambient atmosphere. This is an ideal option in the summer months in the cool of the dusk as the sun begins to set.