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In memory of Marcel van Hattem

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Service Details:

In Loving Memory – Marcel van Hattem

Late of Ormeau. Marcel passed away 5 June 2019 Aged 52 Years

Marcel’s death has shocked us enormously. He passed away too soon. He took off to the skies but never came home. He was a powerful, inspiring man, who was in the prime of his life.

Loving father to Alexander and Julian. Beloved son of Jan & Nel. Adored brother to Ellen and Edwin and her children.

Marcel was a dutchman, caring father, inventor & entrepreneur, who loved flying & “lived life to the fullest”.

The sky was his place.

Funeral Service Details:

Relatives & friends are invited to remember Marcel at

Eco Memorial Park 21 Quinns Hill Road West, Staplyton, Queensland, Australia.

On Wednesday 19th June 2019 commencing at 2pm.

Upon completion of the service all are invited for a time of sharing and light refreshments within the grounds of Eco Memorial Park.

Please leave your condolence messages in comments below – Marcel van Hattem.

Swanborough Funerals – 1800 100 411

You are welcome to leave condolence messages in the comments below.

26 Responses

  1. Deepest condolences to Marcel’s family, thinking of you all during this sad time. x

  2. Lieve familie, vrienden en kennissen.
    Gecondoleerd met het verlies van jullie dierbare!
    Sterkte de komende tijd!

  3. Lieve Familie wij wensen jullie heel veel sterkte en kracht dit vreselijke verdriet te verwerken. Lieve groet Art en Leanne Jasperse

  4. We are shocked and very much feel the grief of his loving mother and father, Nel and Jan. Our thoughts are with them and all his relatives and friend.

  5. Our condoleances for the lost of Marcel, the son of our best friends.
    Love Ernst and Cora Spoon.

  6. Lieve Alexander, Julian, Jan, Nel, Ellen en Erwin, heel veel sterkte in deze zware dagen.
    Dat jullie de kracht mogen hebben om deze dagen door te komen. En bewaar de mooie
    momenten met Marcel in jullie hart.

    Liefs Wim en Rita

  7. As a employee of Marcel i had the pleasure of knowing him really well he was a real kind hearted man he was not just my boss we became good friends too.He taught me a lot helped me alot as well you will be missed my friend condolences to the family.From me and my family may you rest in peace Marcel.

  8. My dear Marcel,

    I am filled with deep sadness and
    my heart is still aching from the pain of loosing you too early.
    I want to thank you again for all the amazing experiences we shared together.
    Thank you for your loving support when times were tough, thank you for your kindness and uber-generous nature. I will never forget the things you have done for me.
    You gave me wings, taught me how to use them and set me free, so I can fly on my own.
    You were an angel on earth and now I know you’ve returned to the heavens to watch over all of us.
    I know what clouds taste like and I have the feeling of ultimate freedom because of you!
    You showed me a true example of what it’s like to live your life to the fullest!
    You inspired me every day, you opened up my mind and gave me a new perspective on life and I’ll be forever grateful for it!

    I will miss you and treasure our time together greatly. These memories will be locked deeply into my heart, where a special place is reserved just for you!
    Whenever I look up to the clouds I know you’ll be smiling down at me.

    Fly high through the sky and rest in peace my dear.

    To your loving family,
    my thoughts and prayers are with you in these tough times.
    Please know there’s someone here to support you, whenever you need it.
    My heart goes out to you all.

    With love from Germany,


  9. Lieve Jan en Nel,

    Woorden schieten eigenlijk tekort, wij wensen jullie heel veel sterkte toe om het verlies van jullie geliefde Marcel te kunnen dragen.
    Ook onze oprechte condoleances voor Alexander, Julian, Ellen en Edwin.
    Onze gedachten zijn bij jullie.

    Liefs, Abel en Marian

  10. Our deepest sympathy to Marcel’s family. We have left a private letter for you, with Donna Summers, in which we share our memories of Marcel, our friend and neighbour. I will always remember his last Sunday, on earth, when he took me up in the Yak, over the Gold Coast.
    With our sincere condolences Terry Matthews and Patricia Weeks (8 Metcalf Court, Ormeau).

  11. Unbelievable. It’s a shock for everyone who knew Marcel. A lot of love and strength for Jan & Nel, Alexander & Julian, Ellen & Edwin and everyone who knew Marcel. For everyone who shared a part of their life with him, whether short or long. Remember all the amazing memories. Thinking of you all.

    With love, Marieke

  12. “Erinnerungen erzählen von Liebe, von Nähe und all dem Glück, das wir durch einen geliebten Menschen erfahren durften. Erinnerungen gehen nicht ohne das Versprechen wiederzukehren, wenn unser Herz sie ruft.”
    Lieber Marcel,
    mein tiefstes Mitgefühl gilt deiner Familie, deinen Angehörigen und Freunden, denen DU mit deiner großartigen, einzigartigen und liebevollen Art eine Bereicherung für ihr Leben bist.
    Lieber Marcel, der Himmel war dein Leben. Jetzt bist du dahingegangen für immer! Doch du kehrst als Engel zurück in die Herzen deiner Lieben. DU BIST UNVERGESSEN!!!

  13. My lovely Marcel,

    I am not ready to say goodbye as I still can’t believe you are not here with me. What I can certainly say is that I deeply miss you already.

    I could have never imagine that when we were happily planning only few weeks ago to spend a romantic weekend in Stradbroke Island in few weeks time before “the boys” ( as you used to call Julian and Alexander) arrive to Australia, was going to be the place where you would leave us.

    With no doubt you have been an angel in my life. The nicest, gentle, romantic and generous angel I could have never expect.

    You brought me so much happiness, excitement into my life and into my two daughters ( Carla and Emma) who they miss you already too. I will thank you everyday for rest of my life.

    I am grateful to had the opportunity to share my life with you and share such an special moments. Unfortunately it was too short.

    It has been an honour to have you as a boyfriend and shared with you such a special memories, experiences, laughs that will stay in my heart for ever: flying, ice skating, dancing bachata, going to wineries, restaurants, shoes shopping, cooking, having a glass of wine, deep conversation, technical conversations about electromagnetism,….

    You were an open book where it was a pleasure to read and learn from such a high level of intelligent person.

    The sky took the best angel too soon from all of us, specially from Julian and Alexander. You were such a great father, so proud of them and loved them so much. You were so looking forward to spending nearly 2 months with them and so close to achieve the most important dream for you, have them to life in Australia after so many years waiting to happen.

    From now on, we will need to look at the sky and feel happy and grateful to have had such an angel in our lives.

    Rest in peace

    To all his family: my deepest condolence, my heart is with all of you!

    With love

    Sonia Camanes

  14. Lieve Nel en Jan, Ellen en Edwin, Alexander en Julian.

    Bij elk bezoek aan Jan en Nel kwamen de kinderen even ter sprake. Altijd trotse verhalen over jullie kinderen en kleinkinderen. Vorige week kwam a.o. Marcel als kerstman nog ter sprake.
    En nu dan dit vreselijke bericht.
    Lieve mensen vindt de kracht dit grote verlies te verwerken. In gedachten zijn we bij jullie.
    Liefs, Ida en Gerard

    1. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Marcel’s children, parents, family and friends. What an incredible loss to the world. He was a true genius with a spirited heart of gold. I feel so privileged to have known him and he will always be remembered fondly by myself and my children for his warm, happiness and incredible generosity.

      To those beautiful people tasked with the difficult job of organising the memorial:
      I have recent footage and photos of him flying his aircraft if you would like me to send it through?

      Warmest wishes

  15. Lieve Jan & Nel, Ellen & Edwin, Alexander & Julian,

    Stil waren wij van het bericht dat Marcel vermist werd op donderdag 6 juni, en dan een paar uur later het onwerkelijke bericht dat hij gevonden was. Vreselijk!
    Als dertien jarig meisje kwam ik al bij jullie over de vloer,. Wat vond ik het altijd leuk om even linksaf af te slaan op de bovenverdieping en daarna door te gaan naar Ellen haar kamer. Als het geklets met Marcel dan te lang duurde kwam Ellen er ook gezellig bij.
    Bijzondere warme herinneringen heb ik aan die tijd en speciaal aan Marcel.
    In gedachten bij jullie en heel veel sterkte om dit enorme verlies een plekje te geven.
    Esther (en Marc)

  16. I do not know where to start. You are a great friend of our family and will remain so forever. Your family will always be part of our family. Our thoughts our with Jan, Nell, Ellen, Edwin and of course Alexander and Julian- his two sons which we believe were part of his proudest moments in his life. His face shone with pride whenever he spoke of them. Our thoughts are with
    you all through this very difficult time.

  17. Lieve familie,

    Gecondoleerd met het verlies van jullie dierbare Marcel. Heel veel sterkte samen de komende tijd.

    Lieve groet van,
    Chris, Nicole & kids Heerius

  18. Gone, yet not forgotten
    His charming ways
    and smiling face
    are a pleausure to recall
    I can smile because he lived
    and I got to know him
    Although we said goodbye a long time ago
    Your spirit lives within me
    Forever in my heart

    Lieve Alexander, Julian, ouders van Marcel, Ellen, Edwin, Jan-Douwe, Madelon, familie, vrienden en kennissen,

    Ik wens jullie heel veel kracht om dit verdriet een plaats te kunnen geven. In gedachten bij jullie.

    Lieve groet van Alexandra Serné

  19. Lieve familie van Marcel,

    Veel te vroeg en abrupt moeten jullie afscheid nemen van Marcel, wat ontzettend verdrietig!
    Van harte gecondoleerd en heel veel sterkte met jullie verlies.
    Lieve groet,


  20. Lieve tante Nel en Ome Jan, Ellen en Edwin, Alexander en Julian,

    Het verlies van Marcel is niet te bevatten.
    Heel veel sterkte met de moeilijke reis in Australië en voor de komende tijd.

    Liefs en een dikke knuffel,

  21. Dear Jan, Nel, Alexander, Julian, Ellen & Edwin,
    We are shocked, deeply saddened and truly heartbroken with the tragic passing of Marcel. No words can bring true comfort but know that we’re thinking of you during this difficult time and wish you peace, courage and comfort to face the days ahead.
    Rest-in-Peace Marcel, we will never forget you Dear Friend.
    With Love,
    Iliya, Marta, Denise, Brian & Rachelle

  22. Beste Ellen en familie, wat een droevig bericht. En nog zo vol op in het leven. Chris en Ik wensen jullie heel veel sterkte met het verwerken van dit enorme verlies. Een vader, broer en zoon die leeft en woont aan de andere kant van de wereld is heel wat dichterbij dan te weten dat je hem nooit meer zult zien en horen. Wij leven met jullie mee. Liefs, Chris en Monique Leersum ????✨

  23. Our sincere condolences to his partner, Sonia, and family and friends of Marcel. He sometimes flew out in his warbird, to our little country airstrip in the Scenic Rim. Kooralbyn YKBN. Where we own the Kooralbyn Hangar. Not too long ago he met our pilot friend Glen and his little kiwi ‘spitfire’ of a partner Trista. Both of whom were fascinated by warbirds and she did a photo shoot with him in full WW1 greens. Glen and Trista were so looking forward to his offer of taking them for a flight! How awful it was for us to find out they were overdue. How terrible for all when our worst fears were realised. As a fellow airman (and wife), we are shell-shocked. The only consolation is that they died having enormous fun in the air. A large space now exists where 2 larger-than-life fun people were. Reece Annette and Alison Shaw

  24. Lieve familie,

    Het verlies van Marcel is moeilijk te bevatten.
    Marcel zal herinnerd worden als een warm en gezellig iemand.

    Wij wensen jullie heel veel sterkte nu en de komende tijd.
    En zijn in gedachten bij jullie.

    Veel liefs,

    Gerrit & Mien
    Patty & James

  25. Lieve familie,

    Het verlies van Marcel is niet te bevatten.
    Wij wensen jullie veel sterkte nu en de komende tijd.

    Onze gedachten zijn bij jullie.


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