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Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

How to Choose a Funeral Director

Do you need to plan a funeral? Here at Swanborough Funerals, we know how difficult and emotionally stressful this time can be. That is why we are here to provide care.

Today, we’d like to give you five top tips on how to choose a funeral director and select the right funeral home to care for your loved one.

1. They Should Ask the Right Questions

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Your funeral director should be asking questions about your loved one to get to know them better. This is important so that they can provide a service that reflects your loved one’s life well. Your funeral director will also ask questions about burial or cremation wishes, coffin or casket selection, venue options, and other services and products that are provided.

2. They Should Provide Flexible Service Options

How to Choose a Funeral Director

Your funeral director shouldn’t have packages. We don’t believe in packages because several funeral homes will label them: silver or gold, basic or premium. We believe your loved one is not a package or a label. They are unique and they deserve to be treated as such.

Instead, your arranger should be willing to take the time to create a service around your personal needs and budget that will best care for your loved one.

3. They Should Act as Your Agent

Your funeral director should represent you to provide best funeral care practices by sourcing quality and cost-effective products and services. They should be there for you to act as your agent.

4. They Should Have Transparency of Fees

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Your funeral home should have transparency of fees on their website. All fees should be listed on the website. There shouldn’t be any hidden cost.

For example, you can go to the Swanborough Funerals website in the privacy of your own environment. You can take your time in choosing funeral care and receive an accurate quote. We do not believe in hiding any fee structures.

5. They Should be an Experienced Advisor

How to Choose a Funeral Director

When you ring the funeral home you’ll be answered by an experienced advisor. The person that you talk to is the person that will be able to help you. They’ll be able to answer your questions because they have the required knowledge.

Whatever your questions are we are here for you. You can call us now on our 24-hour care line: 1800 100 411.

We genuinely care.

Written by:
Esther Swanborough
Swanborough Funerals
Family Owned and Operated