Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Hindu Funeral Services

Swanborough Funerals are dedicated to preserving the cultural and religious traditions in all aspects of Hindu Funeral Care and Rites. Every funeral is personally cared for by one of our experienced staff. Swanborough Funerals will ensure they are available to provide complete assistance and guidance in the funeral arrangements for your loved one.

Hindu Funeral Services -Funeral Arrangements

We understand the importance of this sacred ceremony and recognise the significance as the soul is released from this earthly presence. Swanborough Funerals operate 24 hours/7 days including public holiday periods. We are available for immediate funeral care and understand that Hindu Funeral arrangements need to be made as soon as possible. Swanborough Funerals are well respected within the Funeral Industry and have a good working relationship with hospitals, the coroner and nursing homes. We make sure that cremation and medical death certificates required to hold a funeral service are organised. We liaise with the doctor or the coroner to organise all certificates so that the Hindu Funeral Service can be held within the period required.

Hindu Funeral Services – Preparation

Swanborough Funerals understand for some Hindu families it is part of tradition to have the deceased in the family home for a period of time before cremation. We are honoured to be able to assist you and provide practical guidance to ensure your beliefs are upheld and the deceased is prepared for their funeral. If family members and close friends wish prepare their loved one, Swanborough Funerals assist by providing our funeral home facility and a suitably qualified staff member for this if and when needed. Swanborough Funerals have access to a number of traditional crematorium chapels and also other chapel/temple or hall facilities should the family wish to book facilities for a longer period of time prior to cremation as most crematorium chapels do have time constraints.

Hindu Funeral Services – Cremation

Swanborough Funerals ensure that funeral rites are adhered to. Hindu families can choose to witness the cremation process, and observe the committal of the coffin into the cremation furnace, reflecting the customs and practices of traditional belief. We recognise that every Hindu family has unique funeral needs. At all times we will respect and take guidance from you as to what these needs are. Swanborough Funerals are here to serve in your time of need.

Hindu Funeral Services – Funeral Costs

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