Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Funeral TV

Funeral Services, Funeral Directors, Memorial Service, Funeral Homes,

Valuable advice, hints and tips on end of life care.

“It is about educating the community on funeral and end of life care options – so they can make an informed decision on the right funeral care”

Episode 1- Personalised coffins with any picture printed on them

Episode 2 – What happens behind the scenes mortuary transfer care

Episode 3- Tips on how to help a friend through the grieving process

Episode 4- Eco Friendly coffins and caskets

Episode 5- You’ve been asked to take the Eulogy. Step by step tips on writing a Eulogy

Episode 6 – Cardboard Coffins and how they are made

Episode 7 – Why Pre arrange your funeral – your questions answered

Episode 8 – Turning Ashes into Trees – returning to the earth.

Episode 9 – How a Legacy Casket is made.

Episode 10 – Teddy Bears that hold Cremated Remains.

Episode 11 – Where are pre-paid funeral funds invested?

Episode 12 – Coffins made from Wool – a gentle alternative.

Episode 13 – Flat Pack Caskets – DIY

Episode 14 – Return To Sender Coffins & Caskets – Eco Friendly Alternatives

Episode 15 – What is the purpose of a Grave Marker

Episode 16- How to Write a Condolence or Sympathy Card. Some Simple Tips

Episode 17 – Hearse Etiquette. Paying your respects.

Episode 18 – Three problems with funeral insurance.

Episode 19 – The inside of the coffin or casket

Episode 20 – The reason we hold a Poppy Ceremony at a Veteran’s Funeral. Interview with Harry Mee – Defence Force Welfare Officer.

Episode 21 – Turning Ashes Into Glass.

Episode 22 – Turning Ashes Into Diamonds

Episode 23- A practical alternative to sending flowers for a funeral

Episode 24 – Funeral Urns, Keepsakes and Memorial Jewellery. Final Touch Australia


Episode 25- Memorial Candle Urns

Episode 26 – What to do with the funeral flowers

Episode 27 – Viewing the Deceased.

Episode 28 – Holding a funeral at home.

Episode 29 – Green Burial Service


Episode 30 – Funeral Service Ideas for Name Badges