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Funeral Poem Do Not Weep

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Funeral Poem

Do Not Weep


Funeral Poem Do Not Weep

Funeral Poem Do Not Weep

Do not weep that I have gone,but rejoice that I have been.For I have known life to its fullest measure,I have felt pain and I have known pleasure.Years I have I have cried in grief and laughter.I have known love and all that comes after.

I have tasted the salt of bitterness of tears.

I’ve walked in the rain when the day is done,

Felt the summer breeze and the warmth of the sun. I’ve sat by the sea and heard the waves pound.

Held the hand that is friendship, its richness abound. Yes I have known life and I will learn death.

So weep not for me that I have been….

But rejoice that I have been.

The use of poetry like the funeral poem Do Not Weep in a funeral service or a memorial service is significant. A funeral poem can bring comfort and solace in time of sorrow and grief. A funeral poem can also bring remembrance of the emotions experience while the person was living. Poems bring memories of joys shared, love embraced and time spent together. A funeral poem is a way of expressing your love for the person who has passed on into eternity.

Swanborough Funerals trust that the following pages give you opportunity to celebrate your loved one and all that they were are will always be to you.

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Funeral Songs

Like the funeral poem Do Not Weep, finding the right funeral songs for your loved one can sometimes be a challenge. Swanborough Funerals have put together a list of funeral songs to help guide you and give you ideas to personalise the service of your loved one.

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Funeral Poem Do Not Weep