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Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Funeral Name Badges

Funeral Name Badges

When I am conducting a funeral, I often have people come up to me and say, “This is the only time I get to catch up with extended family or friends”. This is why a simple idea like name badges can be helpful.

Funeral name badges or stickers at a funeral service are easy to make and they are cost effective. I would recommend you go to the Avery website link below. Avery sticker products are available at most office supply outlets.

Avery Print and Design

You can print funeral name badges up yourself or you can ask your funeral director to do this for you.



  • Choose a design or background that will reflect the person who has passed.
  • Put their name on the top i.e. Julia’s Memorial Service
  • Leave a line of space so the person attending can write their name
  • Ask a question i.e. How did you know Julia?
  • Leave a line of space so those in attendance can write a comment i.e (Sister or I knew her from bowls.)

These name tags are best placed where you will be signing the memorial book or where the service sheets will be handed out. Leave them with your funeral director on the memorial table with some pens so people can fill them in and wear them.

Name tags provide a great conversation opener after the funeral and at the wake. People in attendance will meet those that they may not recognise straight away. They will get to know something about the person you are remembering that they would not otherwise have discovered.

You may also learn something about your loved one that you may have never known had you not had name tags.