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Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers – Their Origin and Meaning

The tradition of sending funeral flowers came from ancient cultures where flowers and herbs were used to anoint the deceased as part of the preparation process for the funeral. Today the tradition of sending funeral flowers continues and often provides a soothing way of showing you care. Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. One way family and friends choose to show their sympathy are by sending funeral flowers. Flowers provide an opportunity to send a touching tribute.

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Funeral Flowers

Lilies – Funeral Flowers

These are the most common funeral flowers associated with funeral services and are seen as a symbol of innocence that has been restored to the soul of the dearly departed. The white lily is a symbol of sympathy, majesty and purity.

White Lillies BoquetOriental Lilies

Carnations – Funeral Flowers

Carnations are one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers. Christian funeral tradition believes that the first carnation bloomed on earth when Mary wept for Jesus as he carried his cross. Carnations are one of the most traditional funeral flowers.

A red carnation evokes admiration while a pink carnation stands for remembrance. White carnations stand for pure love and innocence.

Native and Mixed Wreath

Pink Carnations

Roses – Funeral Flowers

As one of the most treasured funeral flowers, roses can be a beautiful part of an arrangement of funeral flowers. Roses are befitting as a casket spray to be displayed on the funeral casket or coffin.

Red Rose – Expresses love.
White Rose – Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality, Remembrance.
Yellow Rose – Given by friends of the deceased to symbolise their strong friendship.
Dark Crimson Rose – These types of roses are suitable funeral flowers because they show grief and sorrow. They are sent to tell the family of the deceased that they are not alone in mourning.
Single Rose – When placed in the funeral spray depicts your eternal love.

Buch Di Rose Heart of Roses Nice Roses White Roses Option 3 White Roses Yellow and Red Roses

Red Roses Spray

White Roses Spray

Sweet Pea – Funeral Flowers

Signifying a peaceful farewell to the deceased. Their scent and beauty provide treasured funeral flowers

Gladioli-Funeral Flowers

Represents sincerity, strength of character and integrity

Chrysanthemum – Funeral Flowers

In Asian Culture the chrysanthemum signifies life and rebirth.
In Korea, Japan and Europe white chrysanthemums traditionally symbolise lamentation and grief. Buddhists are fond of using this funeral flower as offerings on alters. They are traditional funeral flowers.

Daffodils – Funeral Flowers

Symbolise rebirth and new beginnings. It is the symbol used by the cancer council as a sign of remembrance and respect for those who have lost their battle with cancer.

Orchids – Funeral Flowers

Given at funerals to say “I will always love you” Pink and white orchids are the traditional funeral flower colours for sympathy and are often given to the bereaved as a plant. They are also befitting on the funeral casket or coffin.

Orchids and Roses

Tulips – Funeral Flowers

Symbolise elegance and grace. The red tulip is said to symbolise the perfect love. Yellow tulips depict cheerfulness. White tulips are a sign of forgiveness, and purple tulips depict majesty and royalty. They are elegant funeral flowers.

Freesia – Funeral Flowers

Innocence and friendship – Their scent as funeral flowers brings consolation to the family. They are often used in the funeral casket spray on the funeral casket or coffin.

Iris – Funeral Flowers

Faith, valour and wisdom. Their vibrant and rich colour creates a beautiful casket spray to sit on the casket or coffin.

Protea – Funeral Flowers

Diversity and courage – Although not traditionally Australian but from South Africa, the Protea is often used in the Australian Native Casket Sprays by Florists to display on the funeral casket or coffin.

Statice – Funeral Flowers

Symbolises remembrance

Red Poppy – Funeral Flowers

The remembrance poppy (a Papaver rhoeas) has been used since 1920 to commemorate soldiers who have died in war. This funeral flower is placed on the coffin, funeral casket, grave or memorial of the fallen as a sign of remembrance and respect. Swanborough Funerals use the Poppy in our Veteran’s funeral services as a sign of respect.

Red Mixed Spray

Baby’s Breath – Funeral Flowers

A flower that symbolises everlasting love, pureness and innocence. It is renowned for its delicate white clusters and is often used to soften funeral floral arrangements. It is used quite often for an infant’s funeral flowers on the funeral casket or coffin of a child or baby.

Baby's Breath Wreath Baby's Breath Heart