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Tips On How to Write a Eulogy

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How To Write A Eulogy

How to write a Eulogy. To put it simply, the word eulogy comes from the Greek word meaning to bless. When you eulogise another’s life, you simply bless them, just as they have blessed you throughout their journey on this earth.

Our eulogy template is designed to generate the story of a person’s life, from the dawning of their birth, to the fullness of their years. It is their journey through the highs and the lows, and also through the tears and the laughter. You are sharing their legacy – the difference that your loved one made to the lives around them. Therefore, we celebrate their life.

Where to Start?

How To Write A Eulogy. This precious soul has entered into eternity. You have been asked to write their eulogy.  Our eulogy template is here to assist. Therefore, you have been asked to share their life story. Below are some pointers or some triggers to assist you in telling the story.

  • Birth details: date and place of birth, parents and siblings.
  • Growing up years. Especially their schooling or their favourite past times as a child or maybe sports
  • played, hobbies, favourite pets, memorable childhood moments or
  • stories.
  • Employment: occupations, accomplishments, awards, values
  • Marriage years: when and where marriage took place,
  • remembrances on how the couple met.
  • Memorable family moments.
  • Details of children, their spouses and grandchildren etc.
  • They would like to be remembered for……
  • Values, favourite sayings and character qualities
  • Life lessons to be passed on
  • Favorite past times and hobbies or other accomplishments

Other Ideas?

  • What made this person unique?
  • What things were they passionate about?
  • Remember to tell a few stories
  • What difference did they make to the lives around them?
  • If they enjoyed a joke or a laugh remember to add a little humour
  • Let the life story be a reflection of their character

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  • Remember the golden rule of public speaking or writing. Most importantly, keep it simple.  Write and speak as you would to a 12 year old child.
  • Do not stress about being grammatically correct. there is no need to worry about your grammar, unless, being grammatically correct was part of the deceased’s character. Also, simply use spell check.

Some example’s to use in the eulogy template

  • I have the honour of conducting Robert’s life story – his journey.
  • Robert fondly known to you a Rob, Robster, Bobbie was born on 5th May 1922 in the town of Smithtown, the third eldest child of Bert and Hilda Myer.
  • Rob’s brother remembers as a youngster —-
  • Rob’s first job was——
  • Rob met and fell in love with——- the two were married on—–
  • Rob and Jane were blessed with three adored children ————
  • Because family holidays were spent…
  • Yet, our Rob loved nothing more than to————–
  • How would one describe Rob? – determined, resilient, hardworking, stubborn, passionate, loving.
  •  I remember the time when Rob———————–
  • And so, Rob’s wife Jane remembers the time her husband——————
  • Rob’s son Phil remembers his father sitting on the back deck and——–
  • when the grandchildren came along Rob was————
  • Most importantly, Rob will be deeply missed by —————-
  • He is now reunited with————–
  • And so,  Rob- We love you, we miss you, Rest In Peace.

Swanborough Funerals trust that this will assist you as you put pen to paper and record the journey of a life that loved, lived and left their legacy for you to share and to pass on. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you at this time.

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