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Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Laying our loved ones to rest is a deeply personal and emotional experience. Burials have long been the cherished tradition to bid farewell to our departed family and friends. In recent times, however, the funeral landscape has transformed, offering diverse burial alternatives. 

These alternatives, each unique and meaningful in its way, provide individuals and families with an opportunity to celebrate life and honour the memory of their loved ones in a manner that aligns with their values and beliefs. 

This blog will talk about all the positive aspects of these diverse burial alternatives, shedding light on how they contribute to the beauty and significance of the grieving process.

Traditional Burial: Embracing Heritage and Community

Traditional Burials

Traditional burial practices have deep roots in various cultures and religious beliefs. Choosing a traditional burial allows families to honour their heritage and embrace the customs and rituals passed down through generations. 

When someone is buried in a cemetery or churchyard, it brings people together. It gives family and friends a special place to gather, show their love, remember good times, and find support from each other. 

The tradition of laying flowers or placing mementoes on gravesides is a tangible expression of love and remembrance, fostering a strong bond between the living and the loved ones who have passed.

Cremation: A Journey of Transformation


Cremation once considered an unconventional choice, has grown in popularity due to its unique advantages and positive environmental impact. The transformation process from physical form to ashes symbolizes the essence of life’s journey. 

Families can keep the cremains in a beautiful urn, create memorial jewellery, or scatter them in a meaningful location. The ability to disperse the ashes in various places allows loved ones to create lasting memorials that celebrate cherished memories and special connections. 

Cremation’s flexibility fosters a sense of liberation and freedom, enabling families to personalize the farewell ceremony to reflect the unique spirit of the departed.

Green Burials: A Tribute to Mother Nature

Green Burials

Green burials epitomize the harmony between life and death, fostering a deep connection with nature and the environment. Families actively participate in the conservation and preservation of the Earth by opting for biodegradable materials and choosing burial sites in natural settings. 

The natural decomposition process nurtures the soil, giving back to the environment in a beautiful life cycle. Green burials celebrate life’s interconnectedness with the natural world, ensuring that loved ones become integral to the ecosystems they once admired and loved.

Burial at Sea: Embracing the Vastness of Existence

Burials at Sea

Burial at sea offers a profound and tranquil way to bid farewell to the departed. The ocean’s rhythmic waves and vast expanse create a sense of boundlessness, reflecting the infinite nature of life and the cosmos. 

This alternative allows family and friends to gather on a boat and share heartfelt memories, celebrating the joyous moments and acknowledging the profound impact their loved one had on their lives. 

The symbolic act of releasing the ashes to the sea signifies the return of the departed to the vast universe, embracing a sense of continuity and oneness with the cosmos.

Memorial Reefs: A Legacy of Conservation

Memorial Reefs

Memorial reefs combine memorialization with environmental conservation. By mixing cremated remains with concrete to create artificial reefs, families provide a lasting habitat for marine life. 

These reefs serve as living tributes that support the preservation of the ocean’s delicate ecosystems. Families can feel comforted knowing that their loved one’s memory is linked to protecting marine life, creating a positive and meaningful impact for the generations to come.

Tree Burials: A Celebration of Life’s Continuity

Tree Burials

Tree burials symbolize the continuity of life and the interconnectedness of all living beings. By nurturing a tree with the cremated remains, families create a living tribute that thrives and grows over time, mirroring the essence of life’s eternal cycle. 

The tree becomes a living memory that embodies the essence and spirit of the departed, serving as a beautiful reminder of the legacy left behind.

Space Burials: Commemorating Infinite Possibilities

Space Burials

Space burials offer a unique opportunity to honour the departed with an extraordinary cosmic journey. Launching a small portion of the cremated remains into space signifies the profound connection between life on Earth and the universe. 

It celebrates the spirit of exploration, embracing the infinite possibilities that the cosmos represents. The celestial journey of the departed becomes a poetic and inspiring tribute to the vastness of existence.


The diversity of burial alternatives offers families a beautiful array of choices to honour their loved ones with reverence, respect, and celebration. Each alternative has its positive aspects, embracing heritage, preserving the environment, and symbolizing the essence of life’s journey. 

From traditional burials that foster a sense of community to green burials that give back to nature, and from space burials that embody infinite possibilities to tree burials that celebrate continuity, each option is a powerful means of paying tribute to the lives that touched our hearts and souls. 

Ultimately, choosing a burial alternative is a deeply personal decision, reflecting the love, memories, and values that the departed left behind.