Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
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“A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses.”

A cremation gives you and your family the opportunity to keep, scatter or transform your loved ones ashes. At Swanborough Funerals we offer bespoke cremation service options where our expert team will assist, guide and manage the cremation of your loved one with respect, compassion and care.

We are here to answer any questions you may have, offer guidance on the types of cremation services we offer, as well as assist you in selecting the crematorium that will work best for you.

Your Cremation Questions Answered

Funeral Services, Funeral Directors, Memorial Service, Funeral Homes,

If you’re considering cremation for yourself or your loved one, you most likely have some questions about the cremation process. We would like to help you better understand the cremation process by giving you answers to your most frequently asked questions

You may have heard others refer to their loved one’s ashes. In essence ashes are a result of a cremation. A cremation is an alternative to a traditional burial. Cremations happen in a crematorium.  Crematoriums use high temperatures to create what is known as ashes or cremated remains (cremains). Generally, the cremator has two chambers and a cooling tray. In accordance with our local and state government stringent Health Regulations, we ensure dignity of the deceased and peace of mind for you.

There are a number of reasons why cremation may be your preferred choice, of course we are here to assist and guide you as well as answer any questions you may have.

  • Your cultural or religious beliefs. We respect and honour all cultural and religious beliefs and ensure that we work with you to ensure that this aligns with you and your loved one.
  • Budget: Cremation is far more cost effective than a burial.
  • Environmental beliefs. A traditional burial does not offer you the same eco-friendly options as a cremation service. Swanborough Funerals do offer green and natural burial grounds. Please feel free to ask us about our green burial options.
  • The cremated remains of your loved one can be:
    •  placed in an urn of your choosing and taken home to be with your family.
    • Scattered at a special or significant place.
    • Placed in memorial gardens.

This is something that most people ask. Because only one coffin is cremated at a time you can be assured that you will receive only your loved one’s ashes.

The ashes of your loved one are generally available 48 business hours after their cremation has taken place. Should you wish to have them available sooner our funeral directors will be able to assist and make arrangements.  

We can either deliver your loved one’s ashes to you, or you are welcome to collect their ashes directly from the crematorium. We are here to make the process as easy and stress free as possible for you.
Our funeral director will liaise with you to ensure that you and your loved one’s wishes are met and the correct and relevant documentation is prepared and ready.

Deciding on an urn for your loved one is a personal choice. Dependant on what you would like to do with your loved one’s ashes will determine which urn option will best suit.

Upon completion of the cremation the ashes of your loved one are placed in a container.

  • If your loved one’s ashes are being placed in a memorial site, niche wall or cemetery you would keep their ashes in this reciprocal.
  • If you are travelling overseas with the ashes of your loved one, we recommend you travel with these in the container provided by the crematorium as all the identification is on this reciprocal.
  • If you are keeping your loved one’s ashes at home you may prefer to purchase a special, bespoke urn.
  • If you are scattering your loved one’s ashes, you may wish to purchase a scattering tube or biodegradable urn.

Often, the viewing of the cremation gives comfort allows you to find closure in the loss of your special person. You may choose to place a letter or special items in your loved one’s casket. Your family community may wish to view the coffin or casket being inserted into the cremator. This is generally chosen around your religious or cultural beliefs. This is common practice with Buddhist and Hindu communities.  Let your funeral director at Swanborough Funerals know so that they can make the viewing arrangements with the crematorium.

A funeral service is your personal choice. Should you choose a funeral service option our caring and committed team is here to help you every step of the way. Should you choose not to hold a service you may opt for a no attendance cremation. Whatever your choice we are here to support and guide you.

At Swanborough Funerals, we believe in being transparent with our services and the cost of our services to you. That is why we are proud to be one of the very few funeral companies that offer you the use of our funeral cost calculator. You can choose what type of cremation service you prefer based on budget, needs and wishes.

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Cremation Service Options

Funeral Services, Funeral Directors, Memorial Service, Funeral Homes,

Swanborough Funerals offers 4 cremation service options. Our expert team will assist guide and manage the process for you giving you peace of mind that you and your loved one is handled with respect, compassion and care.

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Cremation service held at your local crematorium chapel.

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Cremation service held at your local church or an alternative funeral venue followed by a committal service held at your local crematorium.

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Cremation service held at your local church or one of our alternative funeral venues with no attendance at the crematorium.

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No service cremation followed by a memorial service held at a venue of your choosing either before or after the cremation of your loved one has taken place.

Cremation Service Options