Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Complete Guide To Cremation Urns

Your Complete Guide To Cremation Urns

A complete guide to cremation urns in Australia is designed to offer you options when choosing the final resting place of your loved one.

A cremation urn is a reciprocal or memorial and hold’s a portion or the full amount of your loved one’s ashes.

The final resting place

The first decision to discuss is where the final resting place for your loved one’s cremated remains will be.

1. In a memorial garden
2. Interring ashes in a grave
3. Repatriated to their country of choice or origin
4. Scattered
5. In a cremation urn

It is important to know that if you choose options 1-3 it is recommended that the cremated remains stay in the plastic brick size reciprocal provided by the crematorium. This cremation urn in Australia has the labels and identification required for travel by air and is sealed. This container is not bio-degradable. It is also designed for the purpose of placing in the ground and is generally the correct size for most memorial sites. The plastic ashes container is designed for the purpose of placement in a memorial garden, columbarium or niche wall.

You do not need to purchase a cremation urn if you are scattering ashes. However, there are some beautiful ashes scattering tubes and bio-degradable cremation urns available for these purposes. These are thoughtfully designed to provide a visually beautiful and practical way to farewell your loved one.

If you choose to scatter using the ashes container provided by the crematorium, we recommend that you cut the corner of the container off with a serrated knife, rather than removing the stopper at the top of the container. This allows you to pour the ashes easily when scattering. The cremated remains do not get caught in the corners of the container by following these instructions.

Can I split ashes?

The simple answer is “Yes you can split the cremated remains.”

  • You may choose to have some ashes placed in a memorial site or scattered while keeping a small portion in a cremation urn or keepsake jewellery.
  • There may be a number of family members who would like a portion of the ashes.
  • This is a personal choice. It is becoming far more common for family members to keep a small portion of their loved ones ashes in a cremation urn keepsake or cremation jewellery.

How do I choose a cremation urn? A Complete Guide to Cremation Urns.

Today we are blessed with a wide range of cremation urns to choose from. Urns vary in pricing. To view all the different options simply click on the urn style you prefer and a range of urns will come up along with the pricing. You can also purchase these online. 

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