Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes
Free Shipping (Australia-Wide) for all urns and keepsakes

Christmas in Heaven Dad

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Christmas In Heaven Dad

Christmas in Heaven Dad

In Loving Memory

Sending Kisses to Heaven

Merry Christmas Dad

We Love You….

We Miss You….

Christmas in Heaven Dad


Remembrance Traditions…

  1. Remember your loved one by playing their favorite Christmas Carol
  2. Create or purchase a personalised ornament for the christmas tree
  3. Hand a christmas stocking up for them and have everyone write their favorite memories of that person and place these in the stocking. Read them out on Christmas morning
  4. Light a memorial candle in their remembrance on Christmas Eve
  5. Serve their favorite Christmas dish
  6. If they loved to cook and had a recipe book, create a book with their recipes and give it to family as a gift on Christmas
  7. Make a memory wreath to hang in their memory. You can place a photo in the middle of this
  8. In the holiday period, remember your loved one by taking a trip to a destination they loved to spend time at.
  9. Give keepsakes that belonged to your loved one as gifts to the next generation. Write a note on why this gift was so precious to the person that has passed.
  10. If you usually purchased a gift for your loved one. Give to a charity instead in loving memory of them.

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