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20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas

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20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas

At Swanborough Funerals, we are always looking for special ways to create a unique and personal service to reflect your loved one. That is way we have put together this list of  20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas.

Provide a lovely memorial gift for those attending the funeral to take home.

1. Tea light candles

The first of 20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas is Tea light candle that can be taken home. It can be lit at significant dates like Christmas or a birthday as a reminder of how treasured the person they are remember is to them. Often it is nice to attach a message with this gift.  Some ideas are below

  • In Loving Memory Of (person’s name)
  • Always in our thoughts – forever in our hearts
  • To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die

2. Packets of Seeds

This is a truly special funeral keepsake suited to reflect the person if they loved the garden. Hand out packs of seeds in remembrance of a truly treasured life. When the plants grow and flower, it will be a beautiful reminder of a much-treasured soul. Use little envelopes and have a special message printed on them. Some ideas are below

  • Plant a seed in loving memory of (person’s name)
  • Please sow these seed in memory of (person’s name)
  • There’s a very special garden where our memories grow – it is nurtured by love

3. Hankies

This is a lovely funeral keepsake gesture. Provide a bowl or basket of hankies. These can be a collection of hankies that your loved one had. They can be beautifully folded and presented with a ribbon tied on them and a special note. Alternatively, you can purchase new hankies and even have them embroidered with a memorial motif or letter. Ideas on wording below.

  • Today as we dry our tears – we remember you
  • Tears are droplets of love
  • If tears could build a stairway to heaven, you would be in our arms

Another idea is to create a hankie angel.

4. Lolly Bags

We love this  one out of the 20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas  and have used it many times. Hand out a person’s favorite lollies. Present them in a little bag with a message attached. Ideas for messages are below

  • Grandma always loved her chocolates – enjoy her favorites as you remember her
  • Grandad always gave us a gift of lollies – we are passing on the legacy
  • Sweet treats in memory of a Sweet heart


This is a lovely and quite an old tradition of printing out a bookmark with the photo of your loved one, their date of birth, date of passing with a beautiful verse attached – use the link to our funeral poems to choose something special to print on the bookmark.

Funeral Poems

6. Postcards

This is something a little different. Rather than handing out order of service sheets, postcards can be given to those attending the service. A lovely photo of the person you are remembering can be on the front and on the back in traditional postcard format a handwritten message can be printed. Ideas on messages are below

  • This can be a thank you message from the family of the deceased for those who have attended
  • This may be words written by the departed loved one
  • You may wish to choose a special verse, bible reading or poem

The postcard can be put into a photo frame or you can put a small magnet on the back so it will stick on their fridge. Postcards are much more versatile than orders of service booklets.

7. Give way a collection at the funeral.

If your loved one was a collector of things and there is no way you can keep all their collectables, why not have them at the service for people to take one as a remembrance. We have seen this done beautifully with collections of spoons, badges and broaches, teapots, matchbox cars, souvenirs, costume jewellery and other smaller collectable items. Place them in a basket and have a message. To remember (the person’s name) please take one. 

8. Collection of Photos

This can be organised successfully a number of ways. You can use the postcard funeral keepsake idea from item 6 but print them out on a variety of different photos so the person attending can choose one special to them.

The other option is to have a box of photos to give out in memory of your special person. You can keep a digital copy of all of the photos and it is much easier to store. Let people look through photos and choose a few of their favorite ones to keep in memory of your loved one.

9. Plants

We have used number 9 out of the 20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas many time.s

  • Provide a small plant for everyone to take home as a funeral keepsake in memory of your precious loved one. This is a befitting tribute for someone who loved plants or was a keen gardener. Plants that work well are Australian natives tube stock, succulents, herbs, small indoor hardy plant and olive trees which are symbolic for the sign of peace.
  • Another option if they loved potted plant and you do not wish to keep these is to bring them to the service and invite people to take one to plant in their garden or keep in the pot as a living memory
  • Did mum or dad like to give people plant cuttings from the garden? Hand out cuttings. This is another lovely gesture – with a note telling them where the cutting came  from.

10. Books

This is truly a beautiful funeral keepsake. If your loved one was an avid bookworm and had stored up quite a collection over the years, you may want to bring their collection to give away along with a bookmark from idea 5 in each book. Those in attendance can choose their favorite book to take in memory of your loved one.

11. Cakes or cookies.

Did your loved one have a cake or cookie recipe that they loved to bake? Did they have a favorite cake or biscuit they had to have a morning or afternoon tea? Why not have these made and lovingly wrapped for each guest in attendance to take home?

This funeral keepsake idea is quite similar to the traditional wedding favours. Messages that can be attached include:

  • Made with love in memory of (person’s name)
  • Grandma’s favorite cake

12. Little book of favorite quotes and sayings

Some people are remembered for their quirky sayings or funny jokes, while others may have underlined the bible with verses of hope and comfort. Some loved to collect poetry. Why not create a funeral keepsake book in memory of your special loved one to hand out at the service? This is such a beautiful keepsake

13. Tea bags

This is such a simple gesture to remember your loved one. Provide teabags wrapped in something special with a note attached.

  • I may not be here to sit and chat over a cup of tea, so take some time to brew a pot and remember me
  • In loving memory of (the person’s name) enjoy the simple moments in life. They are the most profound.

14. Puzzle pieces

This is a unique funeral keepsake. Buy a puzzle and write a message on the back of each piece. Put each piece in a little organza bag.

  • Thank you for being a piece of —–‘s life
  • You are a part of the puzzle that touched our mother’s heart

15. Soaps or scented bags

Smell is one of our strongest memory tools. Providing a funeral keepsake in memory of a person’s favourite perfume, soap or lavender bag can bring such comfort.

  • We will remember you and your love of roses (rose scented soap)
  • Scented lavender bag or soap – As lavender represent grace and compassion we will remember you.

16. Recipe book

If your loved one was a wonderful cook who collected many recipes why not have a little book printed with his or her recipes enclosed. You might like to retitle some of the recipes to remember the person.

  • Grandma’s Christmas desert
  • Peter’s secret BBQ marinade
  • Anne’s perfect sponge cake recipe
  • Julie’s cocktail surprise

17. Handy hints book

If your loved one was a Mr Fix it or would keep a book or list of handy hints and ideas create a little handy hints book in memory of them

18. Keys

Create a beautiful memorial gift that people can hang on the key rack. Purchase some old keys (bulk replicas can be found at online craft shops) and attach an ornamental key tag to them with a special message.

  • Love is the key that opens the heart – in loving memory of ——

19. A little sewing kit

Did Mum or Grandma like to sew or mend? Hand out a little sewing kit to everyone that is in attendance. This is a handy little item to have in one’s bag and put a small message with it.

20. Pen 

The last of 20 Funeral Service Keepsake Ideas.

Did your loved one like to write letters or journal? Have a pen printed with their name or a treasured saying on there. This is a gift that people will keep in their bag or jacket pocket for years to come and every time they pull out this pen they will remember your precious loved one.

We hope that the 20 funeral service keepsake ideas will assist you in creating a truly befitting tribute for your loved one.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any other beautiful keepsake ideas please share them in the comments below.